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4Wood TV and Film Ltd, and Scott Fisher, the Director, have been working within the Television and Film Construction Industry since 2005.

4Wood are thrilled to be the 2018 Winners of the Cardiff Life Awards, for the Creative Sector.

Having been working continuously on projects such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Broadchurch, Ordinary Lies, Sherlock, Baker Boys, Davinci's Demons and The Bastard Executioner. For an insight into the building of these incredible Sets, click here Sets

Scott works closely with Art Directors and Designers, providing a team of masters in their trades, including Carpenters, Scenic Painters, Welders and Fabricators offering one-off Set builds using many new and innovative techniques and finishes. With experience in new Resin and Foam Moulding process, Fiberglass work, Sculpting, Scenic artwork, Laser cutting machinery and many other new techniques, we can help you develop any ideas for Set building, Prop making, One off Set or Exhibition build or Short term displays.

Also, having a Domestic and Commercial Building and Construction Company www.4WoodConstruction we have access to Engineers, Architects and Electricians, enabling us to achieve long term structural displays and sets. Whatever your requirements, we have a fantastic small, core team working continuously over the last 10 years, offering an unbeatable service of extra talented and skilled labour to draw on. Whether you need 10 or 50 tradesmen, 4wood are able, and have the experience to achieve the best whilst working to meet your budget.

We look forward to welcoming and demonstrating our skills to all new clients.

4Wood TV and Film Ltd specialise in sets
 for film and television.

The Company is based in South Wales close to the Dragon Studios, Swansea Bay Studios, and Wolf Studios with our Head Office at Pinewood Wales. 

Since it was established in 2005 the Company has continued to produce high quality
 scenery for a wide variety of media. From a one off item to running a full Construction
 Department on a large feature film, we will produce your design at a competitive price by working closely with the design team ensuring the maximum is achieved
 visually, whilst keeping careful control of the budget.

The Company prides itself on employing highly skilled craftsmen and women who are
 dynamic and enthusiastic about their work. 4Wood maintains an excellent Health & Safety standard, recognising this important factor within our industry and strive 
to maintain it. Efficient construction methods ensure that our costs are competitive and lead times are reduced.

Partnership with Art Directors and other Designers is our primary philosophy, we offer help and advice from the early stages of production. Our experience over the years ranges across TV, Feature Film, Events, Exhibitions, Bespoke Furniture and Conventional Construction.

Whether you are looking for pre built sets, film scenery or prop-making, require a  construction manager, TV or film construction, 4Wood has the best team, with many decades of experience in traditional British design and interactive, scenic construction methods. Our creative crew can work according to precise CAD and pencil drawings, as well as work in textiles, plastic, metal, glass, or any other conceivable medium.